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The whole month of November, Vegan Brussels is challenging a selection of fine restaurants in Brussels to add a vegan dish to their menu – with an optional appetizer or dessert.

Ten restaurants participated in our first edition last year and it was a great success. Happy customers found their ways to new restaurants and many of the participating restaurants decided to keep vegan items on the menu due to the high interest.

Following restaurant have taken the pledge:

Mary Pop In

Humus x Hortense



Le Flexitarien

Victor Bozar Café

Ricotta & Parmesan

And more are to be announced.

Adding a vegan option to their menu is a simple way for restaurants to attract new customers to their business and showcase healthy and environmentally-friendly cuisine. Vegan customers in Brussels will have an easier time dining out. Flexitarians or vegan-curious people can have a taste of a new cuisine in a comfortable environment. 

Participation is free, but Vegan Brussels ticket holders will enjoy a free coffee/tea and a crunchy cookie from one of our generous friends at Generous.

Throughout the month we will be giving away vouchers to some of the participating restaurants for people who share their dining experience online. Don't forget to tag us @veganbrussels and #vegandiningchallenge in your social media posts. 

You can also vote for your favorite restaurant or dish in several categories, including a special price offered by our kind partner Lightspeed, the most flexible hospitality provider for restaurants.

We hope you want to be a part of this. Both chefs and customers will have a chance to win incredible prices!

Are you or do you know of a restaurant interested in participating in this year's or next year's edition of Vegan Dining Challenge? Please write us at

One day, I called La Cantina to book a table, but mostly to find out if they had a vegan dish on the menu. The answer was no. But that same evening, we did not find a pleasant place to eat and we therefore went to check at the source if a vegan option was available. Well, yes. The dishes are not mentioned on their website, but as a starter I could taste manioc fries and their vegetarian dish (vegetable curry with plantain banana). I don't know if it was the atmosphere of the place or the "surprise" effect, but I really loved both preparations. To garnish the dishes, there is manioc flour cooked with fried onions. Not to my taste, but nice to discover a new preparation. The place is really nice and the service is impeccable. I've never seen a waiter so adorable and passionate. The prices are rather classic. About 15€ for the dish and 8€ for the entrance.


Un jour, j'ai appelé La Cantina pour réserver une table, mais surtout pour savoir s'ils avaient un plat vegan au menu. La réponse était négative. Mais le soir même, nous ne trouvions pas d'endroit agréable et nous sommes donc allées vérifier à la source si une option végétalienne était disponible. Eh bien oui. Les plats ne sont pas mentionnés sur leur site, mais en entrée j'ai pu déguster des frites de manioc et leur plat végétarien (curry aux légumes et banane plantain). Je ne sais pas si c'est l'ambiance du lieu ou l'effet surprise, mais j'ai vraiment adoré les deux préparations. Pour agrémenter les plats, il y a de la farine de manioc cuite aux oignons frits. Pas à mon goût, mais chouette de découvrir une nouvelle préparation. Le lieu est vraiment agréable et le service est impeccable. Je n'ai jamais vu un serveur aussi adorable et passionné. Les prix sont plutôt classiques. Environ 15€ pour le plat et 8€ pour l'entrée.


Op een dag belde ik La Cantina om een tafel te reserveren, maar vooral om te kijken of ze een veganistisch gerecht op het menu hadden staan. Het antwoord was nee. Maar diezelfde avond vonden we geen prettige plek en zijn we daarom bij de bron gaan controleren of er een veganistische optie beschikbaar was. Ewel, ja. De gerechten staan niet vermeld op hun website, maar als voorgerecht kon ik wel maniok frietjes en hun vegetarische gerecht (groentecurry met bakbanaan) proeven. Ik weet niet of het de sfeer van de plek of het verrassingseffect was, maar ik vond beide voorbereidingen erg lekker. Om de gerechten te garneren, is er gekookte maniokbloem met gebakken uien. Niet naar mijn smaak, maar leuk om een nieuwe bereiding te ontdekken. De plaats is echt aangenaam en de service is onberispelijk. Ik heb nog nooit een ober gezien die zo aanbiddelijk en gepassioneerd is. De prijzen zijn vrij klassiek. Ongeveer 15€ voor het gerecht en 8€ voor de ingang.


La Cantina

Olivetenhof 15, 1000, Brussels

Lunch : Monday - Friday : 12:00 - 15:00

Dinner : Tuesday - Saturday : 19:00 - 23:00

With plant-based food businesses, festivals, and pop-ups booming, it’s clear that veganism is becoming a global phenomenon. Over the last five years, people have started to make more informed food choices, driven by a growing awareness of the impacts of animal agriculture on climate change, health, and animal welfare. Not surprisingly, food chains are rising up to meet this demand: Wagamama has a new vegan menu, Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, and Zizzi all offer vegan pizzas, and Guinness recently changed its traditional non-vegan brewing process.

Victoria Greene

Photo by Waz Wu.

Veganism is becoming all the craze, with vegan restaurants, festivals and potlucks popping up everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. If it continues to be difficult in your area to find vegan food, here are some tips in being an advocate for more vegan options in restaurants in your neighbourhood:

1. Have the talk.

Whether it is the first or the trillionth time you are visiting a restaurant, it is always good to get the vegan word out there. Simply asking your waiter "Hi there, we are looking for some vegan options. Can you help us out?", will quickly get you and oversight of what is vegan or what can be 'veganized' on the menu. More often than not, you will have to precise what exactly vegan is ("no, no milk and eggs either"), but we will be catered to your needs.

2. Compliment them.

Either online or while you are leaving, please thank any restaurant that went out of their way to serve you vegan food. Be a constructive critic: tell them what you liked and didn't like, and what you would like to see in the future. Chefs don't often have the education or the imagination to come up with a vegan dish but with a little push you can show them a world of new possibilities. When a dish is prepared with cream for example, I like to suggest they serve it with coconut milk instead.

3. Come in mass.

When organising a get-together with friends, family or fellow vegans, call up a restaurant and ask them whether they are able to adjust their dishes to vegans. Go over the menu with them: we could do a lentil stew or a crispy tofu Ceasar Salad if those are options that are already on the menu, simply showing them that with a few little swaps they can make their traditional dish vegan! This is also the time you get in direct contact with a chef or manager to make sure they know there's a demand.

4. Ask them to add permanent options.

Once restaurant owners get an idea of how easy, delicious and profitable it can be to serve vegan food, it won't take much to get them to add it to the menu permanently.

While it might be easier for vegans to spot the option, we always recommend to restaurants to keep the distinction subtle. Instead of adding a separate section with a big green V, we suggest they simply sell it as a delicious vegetable dish with a small marking or some kind of indication that it's vegan. This might be a little inconvenient for hungry vegans, it will encourage more people to try the dish and them unknowingly eating a vegan dish.

More insight on this at The Vegan Strategist.

5. Get in contact with us.

You think a restaurant might be interested in adding vegan options or hosting a vegan event? Don't hesitate to put them in contact with us. We will gladly show them the way to vegan cuisine and put their business in touch with new customers looking for a vegan offer. We've hosted several successful vegan pop-ups and have motivated many restaurants to serve more vegan options.

Check out our guide for chefs here in English and here in French.





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